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File: 1602491529199.png (281 B, 24x23, fi-hel.png)


I'll just leave these here for someone to put on the wiki.


File: 1602491612966.png (255 B, 22x22, fi-tmp.png)

<- Tampere regional spurdo
Helsinki regional spurdo


File: 1602491727129.png (1.24 KB, 62x25, no.png)

old Norway spurdo referring to the Breivik shooting


File: 1602491892876.jpg (3.41 KB, 105x140, espoopoo.jpg)

there was also one for Espoo, but I only have the soypsified jpeg which isn't of any use


File: 1602492565128.png (90.57 KB, 366x288, 0a9485b6.png)



I always tought the regular finnish spurdo looked kida bland, these look great!


Is this place gonna have spurdos soon?


It's an idea we're considering


Cool. Hope there's gonna be regional spurdos and the other ones listed on the wiki if it happens.


Well we've had problems with setting up regional flags wich you can clearly see as there is no catalan flag
but if we get it to work, sure, I don't see why we wouldn't do it


Good luck, hope you get it done


jesus christ thats horrible
also, shouldn't the ! spurdo be red, since he attacked a socialist party thing?


idk, I didn't make it. Just happened to have saved a thread with a Norwegian post in it.


File: 1602885805908.png (10.39 KB, 358x348, fi-hel.png)

Also the Helsinki spurdo has a green scarf, not beard. Just FYI.


File: 1602894590553.png (349 B, 29x18, ag.png)

I don't know what countries some of these are off the top of my head, but they're not on the page so…


File: 1602894631109.png (354 B, 29x18, as.png)


File: 1602894775728.png (238 B, 20x16, bz.png)


File: 1602894939503.png (357 B, 29x18, dm.png)


File: 1602895090827.png (340 B, 29x18, fm.png)


File: 1602895325424.png (341 B, 29x18, gd.png)


File: 1602895495873.png (256 B, 20x25, gi.png)


File: 1602903324378.png (207 B, 21x16, gt.png)


File: 1602903446461.png (204 B, 20x16, hn.png)


File: 1602903616158.png (210 B, 20x16, je.png)


File: 1602903752955.png (352 B, 29x18, kn.png)


File: 1602903894588.png (274 B, 43x16, mq.png)


File: 1602905134825.png (217 B, 20x16, mr.png)


File: 1602905935065.png (331 B, 29x18, mu.png)


File: 1602906125178.png (319 B, 29x18, mv.png)


File: 1602906285910.png (209 B, 20x16, sl.png)


File: 1602906475004.png (232 B, 20x16, sn.png)


File: 1602906780948.png (340 B, 29x18, vc.png)


File: 1602907258988.png (338 B, 29x18, ws.png)


File: 1602908884862.png (530 B, 40x24, pt.png)

found a few more old spurdos
<-Portugal prior to debts payment


File: 1602909323937.png (1.09 KB, 33x28, nl.png)

<- Netherlands
also the correct filename for the Quebec regional spurdo is 'que' according to my archived thread

Also, the Helsinki, Tampere, Norway, Portugal, and Netherlands spurdos posted itt were all implemented before July 31st 2012.


File: 1602948649791.png (542 B, 21x28, esp.png)


Should probably note that the current Argentinian spurdo wouldn't have been implemented prior to Francis' election to the papacy in 2013.


Eh, fuck it, I'll just make an account and stop bothering other people with minutiae edits.


I think we should not have spurdos. A flag is good enough. either stick with flags or make something new entirely


based do it yourse- oh thats from last time
ehh, I dont know how i feel about it
On the one hand, I like the ideas of spurdoballs because it shows the lineage from Ylilauta, but I do think something new would be ideal.
Perhaps just some kind of representative icon of each country (i.e. borger for america), and can use spurdo for Finland as an homage


What about the kots from kotchan?
since the page has cat on the name


thats still just taking something from another website lol


File: 1619989160079.jpg (6.63 KB, 236x198, sadpepe.jpg)

yeah true


>I like the ideas of spurdoballs because it shows the lineage from Ylilauta
But there are many of the yli copies already, I don't want this to be the same.
Never heard of it
>looks at kotchan
the website layout is unreadable cancer


yeah it's like some sort of werid combination between an imageboard and a chatroom, but all I care about are the kot flags

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