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I love the kingctireland


schizotiers should at least be original
like, Terry A. Davis? Super original, still quoted to this day.


kctireland has a couple of unique gimmicks but in the end it's just the same shit you see in heaps on pol


we need to make kctierland more interesting


posting from rossiya because I don't trust whichever commie fuck owns this site
>body of post was too long
thanks friend
but there are multiple people who have screencaps of my posts saved to the hard drive and they repost them semi-regularly. my critics are giving me mixed feedback.


most of my posts aren't intended to be original or interesting, but I also do try innovate often enough. I think my better posts are overlooked because of my "spam", but that's ok. I find the "spam" entertaining and don't mind if other people give a different response because people often have no idea what they really want (and people often complain about something even if they like it). e.g. people screencapping posts because they're cringe (i.e. they clearly like them) but giving unnecessarily serious and hostile replies that are tone deaf and retarded. I'd be interested in whether these people ever make any good posts. The ego/meta crap never makes is never "interesting" or "original" which should be obvious to anyone. imo the real improvement could be made with yourself - if certain people tried to be earnest while posting I think there'd be a lot more content worth consuming and much more to work with. all the replies in this thread are lacking self-awareness. I assume some of the posters whose threads I enjoy don't like my posts, but I wouldn't know because they do their own thing and don't seem to ever focus on this weird effeminate gossipy stuff, or if they do it's entertaining. the only thing you can do to improve the board is obviously improve your own content. if you don't like my posts they're easily ignored, but all you do is react. you should put more focus on giving people something to work with. Otherwise it's just an ego-trip. make good content -> encourage other people to make good content.


people like simon, tuote, argiekike, parrotfag, scootaloo, all the russian posters, croats etc. don't have this ego problem at all. I don't think there's a big quality problem on the board. there are definitely bad posts and bad posters but I have no idea why certain posters incessantly focus on meta issues. I have my own complaints about my creativity being stifled because *certain people* have sent me threats. I was going to share some of my doodles I made today, I really wanted to hit submit but I couldn't. I know there are a dozen different branches I could go down that would be fun and a good release valve, but I can't. I am working with the options I have and I don't complain about it - I still try be as creative as I can. I'd like to make videos. I'd like to do a lot more. but I can't.


also, only week ago you and sergio tried to get sopsy to ban me. you don't care about the board. yli/int/ is the best option I have, nothing comes close. stop hiding behind protecting yli/int/'s board culture. DUHHH SPURDO DURRR SHART. I get it's really convenient but you and sergio are both newfags that have been posting for a little over a year. There's a board culture but you don't get mods to enforce it. Stop being a busybody. stop being a subversive little rat concernfagging to sopsy, trying to get people banned for things they didn't even do (not that rulecuckery isn't shameful in its own right). stop being a needy gossiping faggot. stop concerning yourself with other people in general and make your own content. maybe take a break from discord if that's what's poisoning your brain. you act like a homosexual. do you wanna fuck me? faggot. suck my dick you fag.


File: 1607832312363.png (72.49 KB, 737x639, 9d06ad46.png)

lmfao cry more piss baby


This could make for some great copypasta



he should make his posts original just like the thousands of shart posts


Yeah I agree with Italian Bernd on this


File: 1619813266184.jpg (56.04 KB, 600x606, 9xqqa.jpg)

the only original thing about kctire was the memes about how he would beg his sister to make white babies


at least he has one original thing going for him. what about you?


I am original in ways you cannot comprehend.


File: 1619923582048.gif (1.64 MB, 540x300, 555 come on now.gif)

>x is y but I just can't provide evidence because you won't understand

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